Zirconia #10 in Vintage Mermaids Series - Arctic Mermaid print

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 This is a beautiful Open Edition Giclee reproduction of Carol's newest mermaid in the vintage mermaids series!

-- Open Edition Print
-- Paper Sizes 8.5"x11" and 16 x 23"
-- Printed on acid free matte paper for longevity
-- Printed with Pigmented inks for increased color longevity

Zirconia is the newest mermaid in my Vintage Mermaids Series. She is my 10th mermaid in the series and the first addition to this series in about 10 years.  I started this mermaid series as a very young artist and over the years it has evolved as i have.

Originally it just reflected the beauty of women, but since then has evolved into much more than that.

Zirconia is a fantastical mermaid who may look harmless, but speaks about our worlds global warming issues.  She reflects the glamour, self indulgence and self interests of the modern world.  She sits on her iceberg as it melts into the sea...holding a freshly harvested Narwhal horn and draped with a life like polar bear fur beside an oil slicked sea.