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We are Inlumined Arts

Hello! I’m Carol Phillips, a freelance fantasy artist, graphic designer, singer and illustrator. My life partner George Weaver is a jewelry artist, practiceing occultist and theologian. In 2022, we joined forces to open INLUMINED ARTS gallery. We showcase and offer all sorts of magical things and share our art with you! <3

As USA artists passionate about creating and making things, many of our products are MADE IN STUDIO by us!

However, we can’t possibly create everything in studio. So some items are sourced or made by our quality production partners. We try to be transparent as possible about drop-shipped and sourced items and source the highest quality items possible.

On our product page, you can see if an item is coming directly from our studio or one of our partners. While we do our best to combine shipping, this isn’t always possible if you purchase an item coming directly from the studio and an item coming from one of our partners.

If you wish to further support our creative endeavors, please follow me on social media below and feel free to check out my Patreon.

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From both of us here at Inlumined Arts, Stay Creative and "Always, Unto the Path"

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