Zirconia Mermaid 43"x30" Pastel Painting on Masonite Original Art

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-- 43"x30"x1.5"
-- Masonite and wood support
-- Created with Soft Pastel on acrylic ground

Zirconia is the newest mermaid in my Vintage Mermaids Series. She is my 10th mermaid in the series and the first addition to this series in about 10 years.  I started this mermaid series as a very young artist and over the years it has evolved as i have.

Originally it  just reflected the beauty of women, but since then has evolved into much more than that.

Zirconia is a fantastical mermaid who may look harmless, but speaks about our worlds global warming issues.  She reflects the glamour, self indulgence and self interests of the modern world.  She sits on her iceberg as it melts into the sea...holding a freshly harvested Narwhal horn and draped with a life like polar bear fur beside an oil slicked sea.

Art is medium weight and will require special shipping however shipping costs within the USA for this item are included in the price. Painting will be shipped to you with insurance.

This art will require SPECIAL framing, by a framer who knows how to  frame pastels.  The depth of the support is 1.5 inches so it will need a thicker frame as well.  I would suggest art be framed with GLASS or ANTI STATIC Plexi with proper spacers.  No Mat would be required.

 I don't really have any other large original art for sale as they have ALL been sold. All of my other mermaids were sold years ago new ones though to be started some day soon.  I'd say  80%-90% of my work these days is digital so this is really a RARE and special piece to own one of my original mermaid art works.   I spent over 5 years working on this on and off between freelance illustration projects.   The support was build by me for scratch this artwork has been created with the finest quality pastels and materials.

All I can say is it would make an AMAZING statement piece for any home.