Mystic Planetary Crystal Grid Board , Gothic Occult Wall Art, 12 inch

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Introducing the Mystic Planetary Crystal Grid Board, a captivating tool for those who seek to harness the energies of the cosmos. This mesmerizing board features a skull design with intricate markings, and is adorned with planetary symbols that evoke the mystic power of the stars.

Crafted with care from high-quality materials, this crystal grid board is both visually stunning and durable. Its smooth surface provides the perfect foundation for arranging your crystals and stones, while the celestial design adds an element of intrigue and wonder to your practice.

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a curious beginner, the Mystic Planetary Crystal Grid Board is an essential tool for exploring the mysteries of the universe. Its unique beauty and planetary themes make it a stunning centerpiece for any altar or sacred space. Use it to focus your intention and connect with the energies of the cosmos, or simply appreciate its mesmerizing aesthetic.

Unleash the power of the stars with the Mystic Planetary Crystal Grid Board and discover the magic that lies within you.

Key features include:

-Unique fusion of occult mystique & Gothic allure
-Striking black and white design
-12 inch diameter, made from sustainable wood
-Mesmerizing laser-engraved motif
-Intricate pattern and mystical planetary symbols
-Serves as a captivating foundation for your personal crystal collection (crystals not included)
-Perfect for display or use during spiritual rituals
-Ideal for manifesting intentions and embracing ancient wisdom
-Doubles as decorative home decor and wall art