Mermaid Necklace, sterling silver mermaid, Pearl Necklace , Fantasy Art Mermaid Pendant, Womens Ocean dolphin Nautical 16" 18" Chain

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Hand sculpted and designed by fantasy artist Carol Phillips.  This necklace is a unique wearable piece of fantasy art that will be sure to create a statement.  Each pendant is expertly crafted and made to order by artist George Weaver.

This mermaid dives down to the depths of your heart, with her treasured pearl in hand. Her dolphin friend follows close behind. It is the perfect gift and accessory for any mermaid lover!

- Made from solid 925 Sterling Silver
- Features a genuine 5mm pearl
- Adorable dolphin lobster claw clasp
- Offered in two sizes: 16" and 18" chain size. 

Will compliment any outfit or style and it would be a great gift for 25th and 30th anniversary (silver and pearl) , or June Birthdays (pearl)