The Norns Boxed Wooden Rune Set Elder Futhark viking pagan gift set

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Enhance your divination practice with this complete set of 24 engraved Elder Futhark runes, housed in a beautifully intricate wooden box. Each rune is carefully engraved and finished, making this portable set perfect for both beginners and experienced practitioners of Norse paganism, Asatru, and other pagan paths.


--24 wooden Elder Futhark runes plus Blank rune
(approx. 1.4" x 1.4" x 1/8" each)

--Intricate engraved wooden box (6" x 4" x 2")
with Norns and Yggdrasil design

--Black velvet storage pouch for protection when not in use
Ideal size for storing and transporting your runes

This rune set is a meaningful gift for anyone interested in Norse runes, divination, and pagan spirituality. Whether you are seeking insight and wisdom from the Norse gods, practicing self-reflection and meditation, or looking for a unique addition to your pagan altar, this beautiful, engraved rune set will help guide you on your spiritual journey.