Thor vs. Fire Jotun Art Print

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Norse god Thor, The God of Thunder, hates Jotuns and uses his power to protect you from forest fires.


I was inspired to create this piece in 2020, forest fires encroached on my neighborhood I was forced to evaluate. We didn't know if our home would be OK and if we would have a home to come back to. We were evacuated for over two weeks. There was no rain insight, and some of the biggest fires in our area. So, I said "Thor, if you could just roll in with your thunder and rain, and help our firefighters, I would be so grateful." i'll even paint a portrait of you!" low and behold, that Thursday,  a storm rolled in. Thunder struck and the wind howled louder than I've ever heard! It shook the place so loud it woke me...   This un-predicted storm allowed firefighters in my area to get ahold of the fires threatening my home. A few days later, we were able to return back to our house and it was okay!  With increasing fires all over the world and climate change, it is a huge issue. I feel very lucky. This event had a huge impact on me, and my heart goes out to every one who has not been so lucky. This is why I was inspired to paint this image and share it with you all.

 If you would like to purchase a print, you can get one here. I offer it in two sizes: life-size and 11 x 17.

about this print

--Choose from A4 or  11 x 17 in paper size
-- Archival Giclee print  will last  over 100 years with out fading.
-- printed with pigmented inks
-- Beautiful Matte Paper