ORIGINAL Fantasy Art Acrylic Painting "The Guru" 20" x 30"

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"The Guru" by fantasy artist Carol Phillips

This is a beautiful Original Acrylic painting "The Guru" by fantasy artist Carol Phillips.

-- Original Acrylic Painting
-- 20"x30"
-- Created in 2020 for 78tarot: Ecological Deck
-- Created with artist quality Golden acrylic paints on Hot Press Arches archival watercolor board.
-- Sold UNFRAMED artwork only.

The Guru... Half dead and dying, half alive and thriving.  He represents the cycle of life and death and with his great wisdom he reminds us of the hope and renewal that each new being brings into the world.

The wise old guru is a lover of the Earth. His two fingers point skywards forming a bridge between Heaven and Earth blessing us with his knowledge. He warns us that we must learn to take from the earth only what we need to survive, and conserve the rest. We must try to live our lives in balance and harmony and remind ourselves of our responsibilities to care for our world. He offers Spiritual guidance and he is always listening to help guide those seeking counsel or advice.

Wonderful acrylic painting for those who love fantasy, myth magic & mysticism. This is your chance to own one of my original oil paintings! Shipping via USPS Priority mail is FREE ! All artwork (c) Carol Phillips. You are purchasing original art only.