Evil Eye, Sterling Silver Amulet, Greek inspired Pendant with Lapis Lazuli and Onyx

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Greek inspired evil eye pendant created out of Sterling Silver. This is an original jewelry design from Inlumined Arts. Each order is hand made in our USA studio with the lost wax casting method into Solid Sterling Silver and finished expertly by artist George Weaver. Wear a piece of art around your neck.  This is a unique jewelry item that you won't find anywhere else.

- Middle stone is Onyx
- Outer stone can be your choice of a 20mm Lapis Lazuli or Malachite stone.
- Sterling Silver
- Artist made to order in the USA!

This beautiful pendant is great for anyone. Pendant comes on black satin cord. Wearing evil eye as an amulet is said to protect the wearer against evil forces.

 Lapis Lazuli - Dark blue color brings calm and relaxation, with karma and fate protection. Lapis Lazuli is linked to the Third-Eye Chakra. This chakra is known for being the eye of consciousness. As a protection stone, Lapis Lazuli is SAID to protect from both psychic and physical attacks.

Malachite - Dark green color brings happiness and balance into your life. Malachite is a stone of balance, abundance, manifestation and intention. It is SAID to alleviate negativity and enhance overall well-being.