Thick Hammered Copper Ring 9mm Wide

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A beautiful wide copper ring with a soft hammered texture.  Every aspect of this ring is hand fabricated. Each ring is made by hand by Jewelry artist George Weaver.

-- Highly polished or a matte surface treatment.
-- Band is about 9mm wide or 3/8"
-- 1.6mm to 1.8mm thick.

 You may choose to personalize the inner and/or outer band.

About Copper Jewelry PLEASE READ!

Copper WILL leave a bluish/greenish coloring on the skin. Sweating, swimming, and bathing can all accelerate the process, but it is harmless. You can coat the inner band with a clear lacquer that will help keep the reaction to a minimum. This keeps most of the Copper off of the skin. Some people may still notice a slight tinting of their skin even with the coating, but the reaction should be minimal. I recommend that you don't sleep with your ring on if you want to minimize any chance of discoloration or degradation of the clear coating.

Copper is a metal that will develop a deep patina very quickly. Care instructions for your Copper rings are included with every order to help keep the original color and shine if you don't prefer patinated Copper.